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About the Foundation

About the Foundation

Clyde Mayes with group of children

Clyde Mayes with group of children
Black History USA Youth Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that was founded in 2015 by Glenn Singleton, publisher of Black History USA, an annual Black History calendar. Mr. Singleton's vision when creating the foundation was to further develop and cultivate relationships between the of Greenville and the Scholarship foundation. Through this relationship, the Future Leaders Conference was formed. The conference allows the opportunity for the youth of the Upstate to be exposed to Community Leaders and Role Models who have made historically significant contributions. Along with the conference each year, the foundation also recognizes a Leader for his/her efforts in the Greater Greenville Region with the Black History Community Award.

One of the goals for the Foundation is continued growth through contributions and community involvement. As the Community continues to thrive and grow, the hope is that our youth continue to be involved with activities and Leaders who are a part of the changes in their area. The Future Leaders Conference will continue to provide a blueprint for our youth to use as a guide to be involved within their communities and the various Leaders, to start making a difference early in their lives. It is with the support of the contributions, leaders, and this program, that we are excited to watch the Foundation grow.


The purpose of the Black History Youth Scholarship Foundation is to provide at-risk youth between the ages of 13-24 with the necessary resources and tools needed to develop, educate, and nurture their talents as future leaders.


The vision of the Black History Youth Scholarship Foundation is to provide exposure to at-risk youth through the Future Leaders Conference that demonstrates structure, diversity, and the fundamentals of economics within the communities of Greenville. Through partnerships with local, state and national leaders and organizations, the Black History Youth Scholarship Foundation is committed to educating, and empowering the youth through leadership conversations.

Advisory Board

Glenn Singleton III
Founder/ President

Michelle Denmark
Executive Director

Bobby Miller
Advisory Board Chairman

David Wyatt
Independent voting member

Darrell Reddick
Independent voting member

Dr. Vareva Harris
Independent voting member

Bathsheba Floyd
Independent voting member